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A klee kai (similar to a mini husky) looking intently just past the camera.

The Shocking Truth About Shock Collars

You Don't Have to Hurt Your Dog to Stop Them From Barking

Dog barking can be really annoying however, if you find yourself thinking about getting a shock collar for your dog to make them stop, for your dogs sake, think again. Shock collars can be painful and harmful to your dog and there are other more humane options available …

The Best Fit: Which Bark Control Collar is Right for Your Dog?

A white-tan German Shepard with glasses asking if he needs training.

At Good Life, we like giving our customers options. This is a great thing, but can lead to questions about what the best product would be. A common product question is about our bark control collars that come in 3 different versions: BarkWise™ COMPLETE, BarkWise™ ULTRASONIC, and BarkWise™ VIBRATION.