How It Works

Even the most stubborn dog can learn to stop barking with our line of humane training devices. Choose from our powerful free-standing Dog Silencer® and Dog Silencer® Max, try a gentle vibration collar from our BarkWise™ line, or carry the handheld OnGuard™ trainer when you’re on the go.

So you're ready to stop dog barking. Here's what to expect:

  1. Dog barks.
    Device activates.

    Every time the dog barks, your training device will activate automatically. Depending on the device he’ll hear an annoying high-pitched tone, or feel a sudden vibration — absolutely NO SHOCK. This directs their attention away from whatever they were barking at.

  2. Let the training begin!

    The dog will learn that his barking is causing the irritating sound or vibration, so he slows down and eventually stops. Some dogs figure it out right away, others might take a couple weeks.

  3. Enjoy your
    peace & quiet.

    Relax in your backyard, get some work done from home, or enjoy a well-deserved nap. The dog can still bark if he absolutely needs to, but chances are he’ll save it for when it’s really necessary.

Good Life has led the humane bark control industry for over 15 years. Just like you, many of us are dog people, and many of us have dealt with neighbor's barking dogs. We understand that each training situation is unique, but we’re confident you’ll find the perfect Good Life bark-control solution for your needs.

Get your peace and quiet back